Reviewed by Paula E. Kirman

Konstantin Wecker:  Vaterland

Konstantin Wecker
BMG/Globeart Musicon

Vaterland is German singer/songwriter Konstantin Wecker's first album of new material since 1996's Gamsig, which was an ambitious release because of Wecker's collaboration with a choir from Cameroon. Vaterland gets back to Wecker's trademark sound, with intricately beautiful piano work and his emotional, strong voice that belts out songs about social conditions, life, and love. Some of the choice tracks on the album include "Amerika," with an English radio spoof, the title track, and "Allein." The lyrics are all in German and feature Wecker's signature Bavarian dialect, which adds to the cultural treat of digging up this album from your favorite import shop, on the Internet, or special ordering it in. Wecker is one of Germany's best-known liedermachers, "song-makers" who craft lyrically brilliant poetry with complex musical artistry. He is still actively performing in his homeland and shows no sign of slowing down.