World Music Index: Paul Simon

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Paul Simon Born: October 13, 1941 in Newark, New Jersey.

Background: Best known as one half of the folk music duo Simon and Garfunkel, Simon branched out on his own in the 1970's to record a series of solo albums. In the 1980's he began experimenting with World sounds from South Africa and Brazil, becoming one of the first mainstream pop artists to bring World Music to a wider audience.

Selected Discography:

The Rhythm of the Saints (WEA/Warner Bros.) 1990 - Braziliam percussion underscores many of the songs.
Graceland (WEA/Warner Bros.) 1986 - Featuring Ladysmith Black Mamabazo from South Africa, this album won Best Album at the Grammies in 1987.
Still Crazy After All These Years (WEA/Warner Bros.) 1975 - One of Simon's best-known solo albums from the 1970's, this one features the hit title track as well as "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover."

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