New Reviews: September 21, 2001

Leo Gandelman
Brazilian Soul
Jazzateria Network

Leo Gandelman is a musician's musician. Skilled at several different kinds of saxophones, as well as flute and keyboards, Gandelman is known as one of Brazil's most versatile instrumentalists. Smooth and jazzy, on Brazilian Soul Gandelman tips his hat to his musical roots, as he merges contemporary jazz with traditional Brazilian melodies and rhythms. This is definitely easy listening with an edge.

Chaje Shukarije
Times Square/Silva Screen Records

Esma Redzepova is Queen of the Gypsies. The first Rom singer to gain commercial success with non-Rom audiences, Esma has wowed audiences around the World with her intense and emotional voice. Part Jewish, part Muslim, she was discovered by Balkan bandleader Steva Teodosievski, whom she later married, and their home became part orphanage, part music school for street children. In fact, she ended up adopting 47 of these youngsters, and continues to perform with them now that her husband has passed on. Chaje Shukarije is her first album with significant American distribution, and will be an excellent introduction to her music for a whole new audience.

3 Mustaphas 3
Play Musty For Me
Outside Music

3 Mustaphas 3 is one of World Music's first supergroups. Consisting of a group of musical "brothers," these North London-based guys were skilled and experienced with music from many different cultures. All of the rotating members adopted the Mustapha surname and eventually spread out to different corners of the globe. Their music could only be described as World Fusion, combining Balkan elements with African, Latin and Indonesian. Play Musty For Me is a retrospective collection of live performances from stage and radio, as well as some rare or previously unheard of clips. It is an event indeed that this albums hould be released, especially since the band is on hiatus. This is a Mustapha must-listen!

Reviews by Paula Kirman.