New Reviews: September 4, 2001


Was für eine Nacht!
Konstantin Wecker/Hannes Wader
Aris (218 331 72)/BMG

Was für eine Nacht! is one of the most exciting releases to come out in a long time, for those who love German singer/songwriter music. Hannes Wader and Konstantin Wecker are two of Germany's best-known and loved liedermachers - literally, "song makers" who craft their words carefully and do not shy away from social or political criticism.

The album was recorded live and features many of these artists' classics, particularly Wecker's ("Genug ist nicht genug," "Vaterland," "Wenn der Sommer nicht mehr weit ist"). Some songs are performed solo, while others are duets. Wader's laid-back approach meets Wecker's energy and richly Bavarian vocals on the latter's anti-racism anthem "Sage nein!" while the two men's voices blend on Wader's ethereal "Schon so lang." The instrumentation is very simple: mostly Wecker's piano and Wader's acoutsic guitar, occasionally augmented by an additional keyboardist.

To have two performers of such stature on stage together is an important musical event. While this album will need to be special-ordered outside of Germany, it is well worth the effort.