New Reviews: August 10, 2001

The Beat Of Love
Trilok Gurtu
Blue Thumb Records

The Beat Of Love is Trilok Gurtu's most recent musical conglomeration of Afro-Indian grooves. Trilok Gurtu combines traditional African and Indian vocals and rhythms with the latest in contemporary arrangements. Trip-hop grooves and trance beats are accompanied by ethereal vocals and melodic arrangements. Some of the most popular artists in world music today are featured on this album. Senegalese composer Wasis Diop, Benin luminary Angelique Kidjo, Mali's Salif Keita, former Zap Mama vocalist Sabine Kabongo, Indian vocalist Nandini Sirkar and Indian cinema singer Roop Kumar lend their unique and beautiful vocals on this adventurous album. Overall, The Beat Of Love will satisfy any fan of contemporary trans-global music in general, and Afro-Indian music in particular.

Inspiration Unfolding
Sanjeev and Karuna
Times Square Records

Sanjeev and Karuna Loomba bring to life epic Indian ghazals (love poems) sung in the Urdu language on their newest recording, Inspiration Unfolding. Historically, Urdu poetry was refined in the 18th and 19th centuries in Hyderabad, Punjab, Delhi and Lucknow. Essentially, Inspiration Unfolding introduces the listener to the art of the ghazal. Delicate vocals by Sanjeev and Karuna fittingly convey the poignancy of the love poems. The rabab, guitar, sarangi, tabla and piano accompany the vocalists. A booklet with translations in English, French, Spanish and Urdu is included. Overall, Inspiration Unfolding possesses a very pleasant and inviting musical environment that can be enjoyed by fans of Indian music and poetry.

Rainbow - Seven Colors Of Seven Instruments

Seven talented musicians from India are compiled on this album of instrumental Indian music. The musicians and their respective instruments include, Daya Shankar (shenai), Debashish Bhattacharya (guitar), Allyn Miner (sitar), Snehasis Muzumdar (mandolin), Arawind Thatte (harmonium), Tarun Bhattacharya (santoor) and Kala Ramnath (violin). Each instrument is featured on its' own track with tabla accompaniment. Traditional, Carnatic, Hindustani and Classical music elements and instruments from North and South India, create a highly enjoyable and informative listening experience. An insert booklet included, details the musicians and their instruments. Rainbow - Seven Colors Of Seven Instruments is highly recommended for persons interested in instrumental Indian music.

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Reviews by Matthew J. Forss.