New Reviews: October 3, 2000

Kathryn Tickell
Debateable Lands
Park Records

From the Scottish side of the historically lawless stretch of border land of Scotland and England comes this admirable tribute to the way of the Reiver and the land on which they lived. Kathryn Tickell on this Park Records release sounds the voice of the riding, raiding families of the borders, who attacked at night, sporting metal helmets and long spears. Let not the bleakness of the place trick you: this music is as spirited and creative as any that might have lived in those desperate times.


Celtic Divas
Various Artists
Claddagh Records

Claddagh Records has released, through Atlantic Records, an Irish gem, reflecting the timeless beauty of the feminine voice. Traditional tunes arranged by such as Dolores Keane and several Chieftans musicians are performed exquisitely by talented veterans of Celtic music, such as Maiire Aine Ni Dhonnchada and The Whistlebinkies. An unforgettable compilation.


Camerata Brasil
Bach in Brazil
EMI Classics

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach, enduring for centuries, has been labeled "timeless", "genius" . . . yet never before has it been called "choro"! Leandro Braga, Henrique Cazes, Radames Gnattali and Marcilio Lopes have arranged traditional Bach favorites and a few tributes in this EMI Records CD, through Varig Brasil. With instruments ranging from violin to clarinet to mandolin to pandeiro (tambourine), the swing that these guys give Bach's music surely would cause even Bach himself to smile!


Jenece Gerber is a perpetual student of culture, religion and music, with a BA in ethnomusicology from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio USA. An avid composer, Ms. Gerber writes from her musical travels in the context of sociocultural realities and dreams. She is the winner of the 1995 Music Teachers National Association student composition competition for her work employing the Indonesian flute (suling). Ms. Gerber is also soon to have a work entitled The Night of Brahm published by Earnestly Music.