New Reviews: June 9, 2000

Putumayo is back with two new selections in their Putumayo Presents series. The first is Mo' Vida, which will keep listeners dancing the night away with hot salsa and Latin rhythms. The artists come from a variety of different countries like France, USA, Cuba and Honduras. Each present their language and sound in their own unique style -- Alliance Ethnik's French salsa rap, Richard Lemvo's Afro-Latin funk, the cuban hip-hop of Orishas and more. This album fuses African and American urban styles with their ethnic roots, the foundation for the genres we know as hip-hop, funk and so.

Following the collections Cuba and Republica Dominicana, Puerto Rico rounds out Putumayo's Spanish Caribbean trilogy. Puerto Rico has certainly been making musical news because of the hot artists hailing from there, such as Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony. Music is part of daily life on that island, and encompasses many styles. Some of the artists featured on Puerto Rico include Eddie Palmieri (salsa), Edwin Colon (folk/country) and Plena Libre (bomba).