New Reviews: April 12, 2004

Reviews by Matthew J. Forss

Gerardo Maza
The Conscious Flow Of Dreams
Earth Wave Productions

Gerardo Maza is a multi-instrumentalist that brings us a rare collection of world fusion music. Over a dozen different musicians from all around the world are included in the collection. Various vocals and styles are also represented on several tracks. World fusion instrumentation includes flutes, chimes, rainsticks, tables, shekeres, congas, violin, mouth organ, guitar, keyboards, bass, and assorted percussion. A plethora of singing styles, musical rhythms and patterns and instruments are composed on The Conscious Flow Of Dreams. Assorted environmental sounds are also interspersed throughout the album. World fusionists should relish Gerardo Maza’s latest release of world fusion ear candy.

Various Artists
Famous Greek Composers
Arc Music

The symphonic and classical music of Greece is featured on an excellent compilation of “famous Greek composer”. Mikis Theodorakis, Vangelis, Yanni, Michalis Terzis and more play popular folklorist tunes! Representative vocals of Greek folk music are also present within the classical context. Overall, Famous Greek Composers is a high-quality recording of the best in Greek music. An informative booklet in English, German, and French is also included.

David Gonzalez/The Poetic License Band
City of Dreams
Laughinghorse Productions

The Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage of David Gonzalez directly influences City of Dreams. However, the New York jazz scene has shaped his musical heritage. City of Dreams features downtempo, lounge jazz that incorporates spoken vocals on the tracks. Overall, David Gonzalez combines English and Spanish vocals in a seemingly avant-garde setting. Fans of the Latino, avant-garde music scene should acquire City of Dreams.

Los Ninos de Sara
Intent City

Los Ninos de Sara (The Children of Sara) released their debut album, Gipsyole. Gipsyole features Latin rhythms, flamenco styles, and rumba/salsa melodies in true, Gipsy fashion! Latin horn arrangements, percussion and group vocals, make Gipsyole an impressive and lively musical production. Overall, Gipsyole would be suitable for fans of traditional Gypsy and Latin music.

Matthew J. Forss is currently a full-time student at Lakeland College-Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He is majoring in Biology and German Language/Culture. Since 1998, he has collected numerous musical instruments and CDs from around the world. Also in 1998, he wrote a paper on Mongolian Ethnomusicology, entitled: How Does Music Play An Important Role In The Life And Culture Of Mongolia? Currently, he has collected over 100 CDs that represent dozens of different countries. His general interests include ethnomusicology journalism and researching the traditional/contemporary ethnic music of various cultures from around the world. His specific, geographic areas of study include the traditional and popular music from Central Eurasia (especially Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.) In November of 2000, he accepted the position of writing world music CD reviews for this site.