The Québec Chronicles

with Danielle Tremblay

Number One - March, 1998

Québécois Musical Production Update On The Web

For my first Québec chronicle, I'd like to give you the best links to find out about where some of our best music comes from. Some sites serve the collective interests of the artists and/or their producers. Some others contain the thoughts of homegrown journalists on the most dynamic trends in Quebec's music: pop, underground and everything else in between.

Edited by Michel Harvey, this online magazine informs you with an independent and lively stance on topics ranging from our alternative music scene (rock, rap, techno-industrial, etc.) to essays and critiques on world music made in Québec, not forgetting avant-garde «chanson» and developments in film music, contemporary jazz and other wild currents. IN FRENCH.

These archives probably contain the most well-written comments on recent musical productions of newcomers as well as staple artists: Coma, Diane Dufresne, Daniel Lavoie, Musique Multi-Montréal (Festival), Roger Tabra and Nanette Workman, to name a few. Also fluent on French artists and francophone artists from other parts of the world. All critiques extracted from the magazine Chansons. IN FRENCH.

RIDEAU is an association regrouping show producers from all parts of Québec and the artists they represent. It is a formidable showcase for all kinds of performers and entertainers. The link suggested here goes directly to the database of artists and groups in different categories: «Variétés-Chanson» (Singers-Songwriters), «Variétés-Humour» (Comics), «Musique» (Musicians in all fields), «Théâtre» (Theater and related performing arts), «Danse» (Dance and related performing arts). Then you can follow many other links to portraits of the artists and to their record companies or agents. Attractive format and information about several shows «on the road». Also, I found the showcases of many NEW artists on this site only. IN FRENCH.

This webzine is interesting mostly for its colorful chronicles, especially the «Chanson francophone Archives». You can read about artists like the young Québécois-Haïtian songwriter Pascale Leblanc, La Bande Magnétik, Daniel Bélanger, and our beloved mature «pop diva» Ginette Reno. With sound clips and sometimes video clips. IN FRENCH.

Bye for now,