Book Review

From Lilith to Lilith Fair
Buffy Childerhose
Madrigal Press/Distributed by Raincoast Books
144 pp; softcover; $24.95 Canadian
ISBN 1-894160-00-2

Lilith Fair is more than just a touring musical spectacle -- it is an event. For the first time ever women artists are sharing the stage with . . . other women. It's giving credibility to "girl" acts and by its tremendous success is proving that it is also something people want to see and hear -- women and men alike.

From Lilith to Lilith Fair is a new book documenting the origins of the most successful concert tour of 1997 (which is still continuing in 1998), from its roots at the Monterey Pop festival in the 60's, through to the Michigan Womyn's Music festival and finally to Lollapalooza, the rock extravaganza of the early 90's. Individual performers are profiled, and the book is full of quotes and beautiful color and black and white photographs.

Lilith organizer and founder Sarah McLachlan writes in the foreward that "when I wanted Paula Cole to open up for me on tour, certain promoters insisted, 'You can't put two women on the same bill -- people won't come!'."

Success is the best revenge, isn't it? I'm sure those same promoters were wide-mouthed with shock when the world started talking about Lilith Fair.

Besides coverage of the artists themselves Childerhose gives short profiles on some influential women throughout history, such as Yiddish Anarchist Emma Goldman, Canadian women's suffragist Nellie McClung, and Rosa Parks, African-American human rights warrior.

From Lilith to Lilith Fair is a slender volume that documents an historic time in musical history -- a time when it's great to be a woman.

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