World Music Glossaries: Instruments

Bajo Sexto - Mexican 12-stringed bass guitar.

Bodhran - Irish frame drum.

Didgeridoo - Australian wind instrument that plays a dron on E or E flat, traditionally made out of a log hollowed by ants.

Doumbek - Middle Eastern goblet drum; also known as Doumbec, Dumbeg, Derbeki, Darbouka and Tabla. Comes in different sizes.

Erhu - Two-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow.

Guzheng - Chinese plucked zither.

Koto - Japanese traditional zither.

Mbira - African "thumb piano"; a keyed percussion instrument found on the Ivory Coast.

Sarod - A fretless lute used in Indian Classical Music.

Saz - Turkish long-necked lute.

Shakuhachi - Traditional Japanese bamboo flute.

Sitar - An Indian lute.

Tiple - Small Columbian guitar.

Tin Whistle - Wind instrument that characterizes Celtic music. The Tin Whistle comes in a variety of keys, but is mostly known for the standard "D" tuning.

Pipa - Four-stringed Chinese lute.

Ukelele - Four-stringed Hawaiian instrument; mostly know for its smallest version but comes in a variety of different sizes.

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