World Music Labels Net picks

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A French label for Arabic, Algerian, Moroccan, and other exotic kinds of music.

Alula Records
Contemporary World Music featureing World Fusion, Celtic, Flamenco and more.

Amiata Media
Italian label featuring several series of music from around the world.

Antara Productions
Canada's Latin music specialists, with management, promotions and recordings.

ARC Music
UK-based World Music label -- huge online catalogue, sound samples, new releases, links.

Aria Music & Entertainment
Jazz, New Age, World Fusion, Blues, all in one company.

Ariaworld Productions
Production company for Persian artist Aria; mandate of spreading peace and love through music.

Indian music distributor including Bhangra, folk, and classics.

Bembe Records
Afro-Cuban styles and sounds.

Blue Jackel Entertainment
Music from Brasil and Cuba.

Cantaloupe Music Productions, Inc.
Live music promotion, especially Brazilian music.

City of Tribes
World Beat label for artists like Mission, Stellamara, and Stephen Kent.

CMP Records
A German record company which specializes in an eclectic catalogue and artistic freedom.

Italian label and distributor of Agricantus and other ethnic and World artists.

Based in Belgium and features Western and Eastern European artists.

Creative Music of East Europe
A group of experimental and eclectic artists from East Europe that connect in their quest for originality and musical forms.

Disques Audiogram, Les
Based in Québec, Canada, this is the largest label for French language music in North America.

Disques Star
Québec label to Eric Lapointe, Louise Forestier, Patrick Norman, and more.

Disques Tox
Home to Dubmatique and Mitsou.

Documentary Educational Resources
A production company that has been producing and distributing film and video about people and cultures from every continent since 1968, with a lot of musical content.

Entertainment Works
Nancy Lewis Public Relations, offering information on artists such as Nasio, Jerry Jheto, Jah Levi.

Label for "New Music" and World Music.

Fathom Music
A division of Hearts of Space, with a focus on ambient music.

Free Reed Music
Information about the artists and releases of the Free Reed label, as well as information about traditional music and instruments.

Global Beat
World Fusion in the truest sense -- a huge variety of sound and original rhythms.

Artists of the Globe
Further sounds and information from Global Beat artists and other World musicians and genres.

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