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Italian Music and Artists

Anima In Fiamme
Neoclassical band with a dark sound.

Italian folk band with a dark mood.

Bellugi, David
Critically acclaimed musician on the recorder, the wind instrument often learned by young students, here is his biography, album reviews, and a look at his releases and distinctions.

Bocelli, Andrea
Photos, news, song lyrics, and much more.

Cantori Gregoriani
A choir of twelve male voices.

Conte, Giorgio
In French, a site from his album label about his work, with multimedia samples of his music.

Conte, Paolo
Georgio's brother, this English site provides information about his life and work.

Cupa Cupa
A portal for Italian World Music and ethnic culture.

Italian Hip Hop
In Italian, an overview of the country's hip hop scene.

Large source of Italian music on the Internet, including traditional, folk, kids, eurodance, classical, dance, artists, groups, with RealAudio.

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