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Punjabi Songs on the WWW
Links to Real Audio Punjabi songs on the WWW.

Raaja: The Saga
Information about Indiaian Raaja master Maestro Ilayaraja.

A site that promotes Indian Classical Music and artists, with audio samples.

Rajhans Orchestra
Consisting of Indian and Belgian musicians, they perform a variety of Indian and Pakistani music.

Rajeev Taranath
An accomplished sarod player.

Ravi Shankar Foundation
Official site for the legendary sitar master.

Tamil Music
Information and background on the melodies used in ancient Tamil music.

Sardeshmukh, Chandrakant
Indian sitar player and scholar and researcher in the Samavedic music tradition

Seshadri, Kartik
Raga style sitar player, with bio and information about his CD.

Sangam Entertainment
Underground Bhangra shows.

Sharaj, Rik
A producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist on the sitar, guitar and drums.

Sikhnet Media Archive
Archive of Gurbani Kirtan, videos, stories and other types of music played by many artists from all over the world.

Singh, Jagjit
And Indian ghazal singer -- here are photos, songs, lyrics, links, and a guestbook.

Singh, Malikit
Bhangra performer: bio, albums, fan club and more.

Sitar and Surbahar
Sitar recitals, lessons, repairs and more, from musician John Perkins.

Family ensemble performing Ghazal.

The official site of the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, based singer who fuses Indian Bhangra music with pop, reggae, techno and rave.

Taranath, Rajeev
Sarod player and teacher.
Tina performs Hindi music as well as contemporary pop.

Books about Indian music.

Verma, Aditya
Sarod player based in Canada.

Ustad Imrat Khan
A sitar and surbahar master.

Wajahat Khan
A rspected sarod player in India, this site features information on his recordings and articles about him.

Sound clips of original, experimental Indian music.

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